KLE society’s College of Computer Application, started in 2007 with goal to facilitate aspiring minds in the filled of computer science and technologies for the rural students. It’s the decennial celebration of the college as it completes 10 years of dedicated service to society by giving quality technical education to the students of all facets of society.

Over the years, the College has evolved into one of the most proactive institutions for higher studies in north Karnataka. In its successful journey, the Institution has completed a decade in its services to aspirants of higher education and moving ahead with vigor. Our college has been playing a valuable role in its concern for students future, both in their career in life. The institution has umpteen numbers of case studies wherein average students have been inducted and raised to achieve distinctions. The emphasis is on development of Emotional Quotient along with Intelligent Quotient.

Students in our campus will have the due freedom coupled with responsibility and discipline. Concern for communities is one of the forefront objectives in our students' grooming.


The college of Computer Applications strives to provide an intellectual environment to rural and urban students that fosters the search for new knowledge in a highly dynamic computing world through its quality education, focused research and innovative approaches in practice.


  • To produce competent and skilled youth force with educational empowerment by maintaining equity, equality and social justice
  • To achieve the academic excellence and to develop the overall personality of the student community
  • To impart physical, moral and spiritual education and to inculcate the values to become complete human beings
  • To create the ambience for holistic education

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